The World Smart Way: Excellence is Our Standard

World Smart was founded on the belief that a young person's socioeconomic status should not limit their horizons. Our founder, Byron Francis, is a youth development professional with years of experience creating, implementing, and evaluating programs designed to provide positive opportunities for various age groups. Additionally, we consult with many study abroad and international education professionals, educators, and community and business leaders to produce a quality program that is committed to excellence. 

Clothing. The quality of our World Smart Travel Tee Shirts

This commitment also extends to our apparel. During our study abroad programs, we take time to teach our Leaders about the social, economic, and environmental issues facing the communities they visit, challenging them to be better global citizens. We hold ourselves and our apparel to the same standards. We carefully selected a socially and environmentally conscious supplier that dyes their fabrics using the most eco-friendly dyes and seven times less water than the average garment manufacturer. 

You can also rest assured that our apparel is not from overseas sweatshops, but, designed, manufactured, and printed here in the United States. When you purchase World Smart Apparel, you are not only supporting our innovative youth development initiative; you are getting a quality product built to last and made to the highest standards.