The World Smart Story

World Smart provides opportunities for underrepresented high school students to expand their horizons through studying abroad. It was born from a passion for education and the way traveling to new places cultivates opportunities for learning. World Smart not only enriches students but also provides the foundation for healthier communities by producing globally-minded leaders. A study abroad experience helps students stand out on college applications, builds valuable language skills, and makes students aware of the social, political, and economic issues facing our world. They also learn more about themselves and their values.

In addition to the proceeds from our apparel store, World Smart partners with businesses seeking diverse, culturally aware talent to provide opportunities for students to study abroad. These partnerships make it possible for students to have access to funding, removing the most common limiting factor in studying abroad, cost.
In exchange, students share their talents with businesses within the local economy. As interns, they develop the skills necessary to succeed in today’s workforce. World Smart Leaders also have access to language tutoring and a rigorous pre-departure curriculum to prepare them for the experience of studying abroad.
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