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Planning a trip to Africa can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never stepped foot onto the continent. With 54 countries to choose from, it can almost seem easier to pick another continent. Africa has something to offer everyone. You only need to narrow down your interests and figure out what type of traveler you may be. So, if you’re having a hard time choosing which African country to visit, maybe start with these.

South Africa  

South Africa is home to both Capetown and Johannesburg. You more than likely know at least one person that’s visited either or both cities and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re into wildlife, you can get your fix of elephants and rhino’s, but did you know it’s an excellent country for whale watching as well? Landscapes such as the Valley of Desolation and Table Mountain are also beautiful attractions.


The Door of No Return, Goree Island, Dakar, Senegal
Home to the Door of No Return on Gorée Island, it’s no surprise that Senegal is on the bucket list of many interested in the last stop of Africans before being sold into slavery. Senegal is the perfect introduction to West African culture, and because it’s on the coast of Africa, it’s beaches are some of the most beautiful and tranquil you’ll encounter.


Masai Warrior Lewa Conservancy, Kenya, Africa with Mount KenyaIf you have your heart set on a safari, then Kenya just may be the country for you. Watching hours of Discovery Channel wildlife shows don’t compare to being up close and in person watching these animals. And if you’re the traveler that loves to interact with the locals, then visiting the Maasai of Kenya should be first on your list.

These are just a few countries out of dozens in Africa, so make sure you choose wisely. Have you ever visited Africa? What was your favorite city and why?

Monique Wise is a DC native and full-time traveler and blogger. She's a solo traveler that shares recaps of places she's been and tips on where to stay and things to do. She loves to inspire others to travel, but more importantly, travel alone. You can read up on her global adventures at

Monique W
Monique W


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